Best Pizza in Barcelona
This is Where You Must Go!

If you have had enough tapas and you want to try a great Italian pizza instead, you have come to the right place. This is our top 5 pizza joints in the great city of Barcelona.

We couldn’t mention good restaurants in Barcelona without going Italian – for a more in-depth list check out our post of the best Italian restaurants in Barcelona.


Don’t be fooled by the nondescript name – these pizzas are f****ng extraordinary. The chewy sourdough crust is straight out of Naples. So are the staff. Get there early (8 PM) if any of the big Italian football teams are playing.

TIP: the pan di stelle dessert (a type of tiramisu made with cookies instead of ladyfingers) is out of this world.


A true pizzeria, no pasta. This is the best value authentic Neopolitan pizza in Barcelona. A simple traditional menu with creative seasonal specials. Did I mention the 1 euro digestivos? Pour me another limoncello.

There’s a second location in Barceloneta (metro Barceloneta) at 69 Carrer del Baluard. I hear it’s less busy.


Fans of chewy sourdough crust would do well to fill up here. The natural yeast (‘madre lievito’) makes the crust here good enough to eat on its own!

In fact, you won’t find a stray piece of crust in sight. It’s so good you may even double down and get the nutella pizza for dessert – it’s worth every chocolately penny.

You’ll hardly find a better deal than their €6.90 pizza margherita (+drink) lunch special.


If Sport Bar took away the screens and put out some white table cloths and classy decor you’d get this. They’re all Neapolitans and bring that southern hospitality. Aside from spot on traditional wood-fired pizza the eggplant parmesan and Nutella calzone are really something.


I eat here once a month like clockwork. If you want to go for a tour of Camp Nou you’ll be happy to know you can avoid tourist traps by eating in this restaurant/pizzeria that’s right around the corner.

De Angelis specializes in Calabrian cuisine so try anything with their homemade spicy sausage.


A great value by the slice place that’ll fill you for a fiver. Whether you’re looking for a quick pit stop while sightseeing or need some party protein at 3 AM this is the place. Run by Italians who understand the need for a good mix of the traditional and the new.

Did I mention they have takeaway tiramisu in plastic cups?