Where to learn Danish in Copenhagen?

Looking for Danish courses in Copenhagen?

Language school in Copenhagen offers a variety of courses

As a foreigner based in Copenhagen you most likely know at least one thing about the Danes and their language: They love their rød grød med fløde! And while it probably feels like any other Dane you bump into exclaims this mumble of … nonsense, the expression actually has a meaning—and you can learn to understand (pronounce!) it. The Danish language is not just a string of random sounds that seem like they are taken out of The Sims: It is an actual language that is both fun to learn and adds value to your everyday life in the Danish capital.

Language school with focused courses all over town

A bunch of language schools in Copenhagen have dedicated themselves to teach expats the language of Danish, and one of them is Speak, which is a very reliable language school in Copenhagen that not only has a variety of different courses, but also has departments all over town.

A sense of community

Speak has three locations in Hellerup, Frederiksberg and Lyngby. The common denominator of their locations is that their facilities are great, and their teachers experienced, competent and professional. There is a lot of activities taking place at the departments, like homework cafés, theme weeks, talks and career counselling. Another great thing is that teachers are present during most of the opening hours. All this makes for an amazing language school that offers a sense of community alongside its well-organized courses. But it does not stop here.

Tailor-made courses for everyone

Speak also has a fourth teaching location at DTU in Lyngby, where it teaches foreign employees and students in Danish. The language school has course options for everyone. Firstly, this means that no matter your level of Danish skills, you can find a suitable course for you. Secondly, they offer online courses for students, who wants the flexibility of taking classes wherever or whenever. Lastly, Speak has an interesting selection of special courses that are tailor-made for medical practitioners, au pairs, business people etc. All in all, Speak is a language school in Copenhagen worth checking out.


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