Dolce Pizza & Los Veganos A Barcelona Restaurant Review

You know that sudden rush of happiness and excitement when you discover something amazing in the least likely of places? That’s EXACTLY what happened to me the other evening when I came across a restaurant called Dolce Pizza & Los Veganos. I was out on one of my evening strolls with my significant other, when suddenly we walk by what looked like a vegan pizza place. But it couldn’t be…could it? I stopped, turned around, and checked. Whoop! YES, it really was a vegan pizza place! A vegan pizza place in Barcelona!! Now this was definitely something I had to try.

The second we walked in, we were greater by a friendly italian man, and a brazilian lady ( the owners ), both of them warm, welcoming people who make you feel right at home the moment you step foot in the restaurant. Some people just have a knack for that sort of stuff!

The space is really petit, with only 4 tables, and a small sitting area near the bar. At around 20:00 we still found seating, but if you go later, know that you may have to get cozy with some strangers!

Their menu is basically pizzas and pasta dishes, so we went for the spelt pasta with mushroom sauce, and a chorizo eggplant pizza. The pasta was nice and creamy, but it didn’t blow me away. It may have been something personal though. I don’t know why, there’s just something about spelt pasta that doesn’t quite impress my tastebuds.

The pizza was a whole different story. They were generous with the ingredients ( there’s nothing worse than ending up with a pizza that’s more dough than anything else), and the vegan cheese was just to die for. I could’ve had a plateful of that stuff! I also thought it was really neat how they make the pizzas square shaped instead of round, it made it more adorable somehow ( hahaha, don’t ask me why!).

For dessert we tried their chocolate mousse. We weren’t that impressed with the presentation, but the dessert itself was pretty darn yummy. They have A LOT of cakes too, which means they’ll be seeming more of me soon! 😀

I definitely recommend this place. If you find yourself in Barcelona, do check it out. The food is fantabulous, plus it’s very well priced. You’ll find it right near Hospital Sant Pau, the world’s largest Art Nouveau Site, and one of the city’s most beautiful buildings (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I go back again?
Sure thing! There are oh-so many varieties of pizzas at this place, it would be a sin not to try them all. 😀

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