How to Keep Your Commercial Premises Secure

Nowadays, we not only have to worry about physical security, but now also cyber security. You are now even more likely to be a victim of a cyber-theft than a physical robbery, so it is important you take precautionary measures against this. If you own or rent a commercial space, it is likely that you may have valuable inventory that your business relies on inside, so it is in your best interests to protect these. Below are a few steps you can take to ensure that your commercial space is kept secure.


Invest in a quality security system

While having a guard on duty is great, they cannot be everywhere at once. Consider installing sensors around entry points where thieves could enter through and have it linked to alert the emergency services. Install security cameras around the perimeter and focusing also on the entry points. Not only do these act as a deterrent, but they are also crucial for providing evidence if they are ever caught, or for insurance purposes.

These security systems should be active at all times, unlike residential systems where the own may only activate them if no one is in the property. If you have a space where people are constantly going in and out of, install visitor management systems, which would keep track of who is going in and out. These are also useful for meetings, as you can see the meeting attendees for each room, all available digitally.


Secure your sensitive information

Passwords should be changed regularly associated with users, so you can easily track who has been logging on to what and when. Computers containing valuable information should be stored securely and out of site, especially away from windows and entry/exit points. Passwords should never be written down in case they fall into the wrong hands.


Keep it well lit

Many crimes are committed at night, as it is harder to identify the culprit or see it coming. Once the sun goes down, your premises should be kept well lit (at least on the outside to keep your electric bill down). Not only will it act as a deterrent for unscrupulous people, but it also means they’ll be better able to see your alarms and cameras and vice versa, making them think twice about breaking in. If you don’t want to have your area lit throughout the night, then at least install motion-activated lights that turn on whenever someone walks by. This is also a very effective deterrent.


Monitor it remotely

The great thing about having cctv cameras installed is that you can even watch it remotely if it is connected to the internet. Flick through your cameras easily from your phone, meaning you’ll always be able to keep an eye on your property. It is also a standard now that many security systems have alerts that will notify you by text if it has been triggered. This, coupled with remote camera viewing, makes it easy to keep an eye on your property.